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Could you please tag your posts so that we (well, I) can know what movies they are from? Thank you! :-)

Hello! I do tag all of my posts but I’m not sure why the tags don’t show up on my blog! Maybe I need a different theme?

I am so sorry about that! I will try to fix it asap!

What movie is this from? /post/50950542166

For a Good Time, Call…


hey! i cant find sugar & spice anywhere. can you send me a link to it?xx

Hi! Do you mean the actual movie or my screencaps?

Endless List of Favorite Chick Flicks | The Help

"God says we need to love our enemies. It hard to do. But it can start by telling the truth. No one had ever asked me what it feel like to be me. Once I told the truth about that, I felt free."